09 November 2012

makedo - Sinterklaas series no.1

Sinterklaas is almost coming. Time for parents to start searching for the nicest presents to put in the sack. Today I went to Meneer Paprika, a toy store here in Haarlem. They recently shifted their focus towards more toys for active playing. Toys like the creations of Miller Goodman. New to me is Makedo

'Our world is changing faster than ever. The best thing we can do to prepare ourselves for an exciting yet  unknown future is to nurture open and agile minds. Creative thinking skills are the key. And that is what Makedo is all about.
- Bringing your imagination to life.
- Celebrating the joy of making.
- Engaging in unstructured play.
- Sharing and connecting ideas.
We believe in the power of creative play to teach kids how to think.'

Plus: it helps kids think about recycling and reusing otherwise to be thrown away materials! Looks like the perfect Sinterklaas present to me.

More presents to come in the next few weeks (Sinterklaas evening is officially at the 5th of December).

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