31 January 2014

29 January 2014

27 January 2014


I have got to get my hands on one of these sleeping bags!

'Anatology revives nursery bedding and accessories with an unparalleled use of prints, graphic associations and hyper-realistic animal designs. The inspirations, as with a fashion collection, are drawn from a mixture of art, design, architecture, nature...

The collection is made in France and from soft natural materials which are carefully selected for their comfort. Anatology offers sleep bags, crib liners, cushions and bibs.

Delphine Miquel, mother hen and founder of Anatology, studied art and design at the Beaux Arts before moving on to the core of her experience in ready to wear. She created Anatology in 2013.'

25 January 2014

imps & elfs

Imps & Elfs is an accomplished brand in the Netherlands, for years already. Which is maybe why I've overlooked it for quite a while. But I'm back right in time, because they launched their lifestyle line, with blankets, muslins and sleeping bags. Nice colours!


24 January 2014



22 January 2014

boys like us

In my last post I showed you a photo of an artist working on a street art like illustration. Like it! Turns out it's a label: Boys Like Us from Amsterdam.

Boys Like Us developed from the need for children's clothing with originality and attitude. They aim at boys with a skateboard / street style, aged 4 - 14 years. Principles of the label are quality, originality and unique designs, only manifactured in small quantities. Their designers are successful freelance artists with large experience in the fashion industry. They worked for brands like Adidas, Converse, Levi's, Nike and more.

20 January 2014

kleine fabriek

Yesterday I had the opportunity to visit the Kleine Fabriek, a twice yearly fair presenting kids clothing, toys, etc. It was fun wondering around and seeing what the (mostly Dutch) brands are doing at the moment and how they present themselves. Here is a short impression of my day, I hope to post more about the things I liked best later this week.

Emile & Ida, of course. Love this sweater: the colour, washing, details, Frenchness

Boys Like Us: clothing for boys, designed by successful freelance artists at the htnk onedayshop

Colours and vintage finds at IJM pop up

Work by artist and illustrator Elsa Dray-Farges at the Kid's Wear Studio

The home collection from Imps & Elfs, so good. The sleeping bag is definitely going on my wishlist

13 January 2014

wishlist for my baby

As you may know, I am expecting my third baby this spring. And although there is no shortage of baby clothing in this household, I feel my new baby is entitled to a few new pieces :) These are currently on my wishlist
Bobo Choses

Hansel from Basel via Miniluu

baby socks by TinyOrchid via Etsy

10 January 2014



08 January 2014


I've featured this brand before, and because I like it so much here are some more photos from their latest collection.
Oh, and Booso is now also for sale at Spruit Kinderkleding (in English!).

06 January 2014

the holidays

And yes, I was absent again. Holidays to blame this time. Good holidays too. Tomorrow our regular life will start again and hopefully I will be back at this blog more regularly too!