30 April 2014

wear for wee ones

As I told you last week, I am starting my new kids label: Finch + Agnes!

'Kids' is maybe not the right term for my target group, since the items will be for babies and toddlers: from 3 months till 2 years (European size 62-92). Let me explain: during their first few months, I've always dressed my boys in onesies. I found these the most comfortable, plus also very cute on newborns. Also from 2 years on, there seem to be so much more options in clothing, plus my boys are starting to have an opinion of their own - I only really have experience with boys' clothing though. It's the ages in between I have found the most difficult to shop for.

First I wanted to start a boys' only line, foremost because boys clothing is sooo boring. Hence also this blog. But in time I found out 1) girls' apparel can be dull and all the same too, and 2) I quite like this new trend with girls dressing more 'boyish' and boys dressing more 'girlish'. In the end it all comes down to comfort, right?

Sure, we want our kids to look cute, cool, nice. That's the whole thing: create clothing that is appealing to me (as a mother) as well as being wearable for the wee ones. It's been a long road, with lots of bumps and u-turns, but I think I've found my style, the Finch + Agnes style.

Inspiration for Finch + Agnes you can find here: www.pinterest.com/finchandagnes

Also, I plan to keep posting about fun brands, cool items and new collections on this blog too. The world (and a kid's closet!) is big enough for many brands, so I definitely want to keep giving a shout out to good design.

P.S. I will keep my personal Pinterest account: www.pinterest.com/bregje

28 April 2014

one more month

I hope...

25 April 2014

23 April 2014

exciting news

You remember back when I told you about baby nr.3? Like about already six months ago? I said: 'One of the things that has been keeping me busy (or tired mostly) is this little addition to our family'.

Actually I was also very busy with something else. While in Australia I had the chance to finally make one of my dreams reality: start my own kids clothing label. I have wanted to do this for 5 years, but never really knew how or what to do. And then and there, on the other side of the world, somewhere between Finch Hatton and Agnes Water, it all became clear.

With the help of a very dear friend, who has lots of experience in the field of fashion (which I have not - something I will tell you all about soon!), I am now working very hard on opening my little online shop within a few months!

There's so much I want to show you, tell you... but unfortunately there's not much to show you just yet. All in time. I do have a logo though! What do you think?

21 April 2014


Already some time ago I ordered with Tinycottons for the first time.

And although expectations were set high, these garments did not disappoint one bit. The feel of pima cotton is superb and the finishing and details of the sewing is so good. Real fine items!

Psss... their new collection is out now!

18 April 2014



16 April 2014


I have no words for these stools by Kamina C. They're just so... good.

14 April 2014

silent toys

Och... these are so good. By designer Marcin Bahrij

11 April 2014

09 April 2014

07 April 2014

sea animals

My youngest recently celebrated his 3rd birthday (!). Oh... how time flies. He's been really interested in sea animals lately (whales particularly :), so we were thinking about gifting him something sea themed. So much inspiration to be found on Pinterest

04 April 2014

02 April 2014

our life

A small visual update of our lifes these days