31 July 2012

color blocking

Themis Trio Mobile

pen pal panda

This is fun! Color your own T-shirt

Panda Pen T-shirt by Mini Rodini

And here is a sneak peek at the AW12 collection of Mini Rodini

30 July 2012

boys to men

Or 'men to boys'? Anyway, I think these clothes are nice, and would look great on little ones as well.

For my boy Pinterest board by T!ger


As said before, I love vintage toys, Fisher Price specifically. One of my last finds is this small bright orange tractor. It's so simple, yet so well designed.

29 July 2012

converse + marimekko

I wish they had these in kids sizes...

Chuck Taylor Marimekko

27 July 2012

enjoy your weekend!

The first thing we do when we come home, is take these off

I wore white asos brogues
my eldest wore khaki crocs
my youngest wore monkey bobux

26 July 2012


Q: can a boy wear this?

Quirky Collective

A: yes, he can!

my eldest in an H&M jumpsuit ss10

subtle humour


It's not that I am taken away by their design or color palette, but these shirts sure make me smile!

Scotch Shrunk

25 July 2012

color blocking

Doggy Building Blocks by Eero Aarnio


I always keep my promise. Here goes... the aw12 collection of Generator

24 July 2012

sneak preview

If you like this SS12 collection, please visit my blog tomorrow. I'll show you what this brand has got in store for next season.

burning man

David Handley truly is a gifted photographer, I love this personal project he did at the Burning Man Festival in Black Rock Desert, Nevada. I love the light, the colors, the styling, the outback setting, I love the whole atmosphere... it's pure little boy fantasy. Inspirational!

I normally try to limit the number of pictures per post, but this time I have to show you everything. Enjoy!



23 July 2012


No... I'm not pregnant, although you probably woudn't be surprised if I was, considering the high frequency of baby stuff the last couple of days. I just think this knitwear from Stella McCartney's AW12 kids collection is soooo adorable

Oh, and this coat is kinda nice too


This cutie is on sale

22 July 2012

got my hopes up

Ah... that's the bad thing about expectations: they get too big! H&M recently launched their first Home kids collection, after a lot of campaigning in the media. The collection definitely has a couple of nice items, but on the whole I was a little bit disappointed. These are the ones I like best
beach towel

baby plaid

21 July 2012

baby legs

I was actually looking for striped leggings for myself, when I found these

Aren't these the cutest?



20 July 2012

and on that note...

Have a great weekend!