30 June 2014

27 June 2014



25 June 2014

the packaging

Of course all that really matters is that your items live up to the expectations of your customers and I'm working very hard to achieve the highest standard. But... personally, I'm pretty biased towards brands that can offer an appealing package: professional branding, use of materials, the whole shebang!

I must admit this part of my Finch + Agnes adventure has been pretty fun to work out :)

23 June 2014

20 June 2014

18 June 2014

lange leo

I adore Lange Leo (long Leo). These dolls are made by Suussies. I've had the privilege to meet her at the Kleine Fabriek fair and she is the sweetest. She makes all the dolls and adorable other creations herself, so good! Go check out Suussies webshop

My baby will have his own Lange Leo when he arrives :)

16 June 2014


I've posted about Peppin before... I really fancy their new all over print: origami!

13 June 2014

11 June 2014

zara home kids

Long long time ago... when I was still without kids, had oceans of time for myself, and still lived in Amsterdam, I used to love browsing through the Zara Home isles. And then I got kids, moved to Haarlem and forgot all about all that lovely useless stuff.
Until now. Zara Home Kids has the best (useless, but so much fun!) stuff you can think of... for kids!

06 June 2014

04 June 2014

new generals

It's been some time since I blogged about New Generals and it looks like they've chosen a new direction for their designs. It's a bit too loud for my taste, but some items definitely rate really high on the coolness meter. Look at those sneakers! And a big thumbs up for a fully GOTS certified collection.

02 June 2014


Yes, I'm starting my own label: Finch + Agnes! Did I already tell you? ;)

Aside from offering clothing, I would like to add one or two items for babies and toddlers that are fun and/or functional. This collection I would like to add the Babybeads; good for developing the motor skills and fun to play with.