31 January 2013


This is our home


Like it? If you are curious as to why I put our home on display so shamelessly... please visit this blog again tomorrow. I'll let you in on our little secret!

Our street

Haarlem city centre - Botermarkt
our home is walking distance; you can (sort of) see it
dunes (and sea) are in the background

30 January 2013

in the mix

Hey ho, here we go!

29 January 2013


Wehkamp is a Dutch catalogue, from which you can buy clothes, washing machines, tents... among other things. Your ordinary catalogue, nothing special. Until last year: I don't know who they hired, but their campaigns became a joy to look at!

28 January 2013

new mini & maximus

On Minor De:tales I saw the first pic of the new Mini & Maximus SS13 collection Shaka Muchacha (online mid February)

Crazy & Cool, I would say... (love the tee!)

26 January 2013

this season

Indoor playing, blooming daffodils in the snow and drinking hot chocolate wrapped in a warm blanket... it´s definitely the season

25 January 2013


 Everything I have by Simon Evans

24 January 2013

kids' rooms

Hey! How are you today? I thought I'd put some more kids' rooms online that I like, hope you like them too.

all pics via my Pinterest board Interior

23 January 2013

the bright company

PJs! This is one fine mini collection of pyjama's for little ones. I love them, love the colours, love the design.

Thanks Krystal, for pinning these PJs by The Bright Company.

22 January 2013


At the moment on Pinterest, the brand Wunway is becoming a big hype. The clothes are styled in such a cool way (a wunway?)... a shame it's only for girls. I selected the sets I think are (sort of) wearable for boys too.

21 January 2013


As an end-of-year present my work always gives book coupons. Not bad! This year it was time for a new batch of kids' books. Here is what I bought:

* Het knuffeldekentje van klein konijn: Had to get this one. It's about a small bunny and his blanket, which he takes everywhere. Lo and behold (just learned this phrase from Kevin Clash, a.k.a. Elmo ;) his mother washes the blanket! Reminds me of my youngest and his blanket.
* Otis: Both my boys are crazy about tractors, so when I saw this book about a cute little tractor and his calf friend, I knew it would be an instant success.
* Franse kinderen gooien niet met eten: What an eye opener! It's written by Pamela Druckerman, an American mother living in Paris who writes about the differences between bringing up kids in the US and in France. To my opinion, Dutch culture was comparable to the French culture some years ago (I guess I was brought up the French way), but is shifting more towards the US culture. It definitely got me thinking about my own ways.
* Het grote Grimmboek: 16 Grimm tales illustrated by contemporary Dutch children's book illustrators. Beautiful!

20 January 2013

18 January 2013

in partnership with beatrice potter

Baby GAP launched a limited edition collection with a Peter Rabbit theme. For the most part it's not particularly interesting, but I do like the idea of the rompers here below. So simple, yet practical. I've only seen it before with shirts or polo's, but never this way. Good thinking!

have a great weekend

via Sophie's Choice Pinterest