29 June 2012

10 forgotten animals

The Amsterdam zoo, Artis, has a new campaign to bring attention to 'forgotten animals'. Posters of beautifully drawn animals like the kantjil and the axolotl (!) hang in public places all over the Netherlands.

dwergoeistiti (Dutch)


sock mix

Okay, I'll let you in on my guilty pleasure: I love watching photos of celebrities (and their kids). Shhh...
Camila Alves and her Levi and Vida are favourites.

Vida and Levi

Look at her socks! Kids clothes can and should be so much more playful... they are kids!

27 June 2012

do like

Last week I was a bit critical about Scotch Shrunk, but I actually like what they are doing for boys a lot.
Scotch Shrunk

I think this outfit will get approval of both mom and son.

the roof is on fire


Kids on Roof

25 June 2012

crux rug

We recently moved to a bigger house, which has a proper playing area for my boys. The room is already filled with lots of toys, but maybe a rug... maybe the room could use a rug?

Crux by Pia Wallen for Asplund

P.S. It would make for a nice knee pad too!

knee pads

Do you also find it difficult to find cool, stylish knee pads that go with the rest of the wardrobe? I do. The trousers of my eldest usually last between 2 and 6 months, and I don't want to keep buying new ones. Hence my need for knee pads. And I found them: fun and nice looking knee pads*!

Mevrouw de Uil

* 'knielappen' in Dutch.

23 June 2012

week of the puppets

While browsing for my black & white & wood treasury, I stumbled upon this very cute shop


I recently rediscovered Etsy and discovered their Treasuries. Here is my first
my treasury on Etsy

21 June 2012

wool + wool + suspenders?

I like this look, especially the color
Scotch Shrunk

but I doubt my boys will want to wear this... 
Hmm, maybe too much of a good thing, but definitely nice to look at.

are you ready to meet...

the Sonny Angels? Apparently a big hit in Japan. What do you think?

19 June 2012

I know, I know: animals

I found a shop: Prairie Mood in France.

All lovely stuff

Oeuf NYC

Urban Elk

Sweet Millie


Remember this one?

17 June 2012


free clothing co.


With 2 little boys making a mess, I just really need this!


And this one too...

15 June 2012

color blocking

via intelligent clashing


I normally am NOT a fan of cartoons on t-shirts, but then I was checking the very lovely blog Le Dans La (I want their wardrobe!) and I saw this

Le Dans La

And I want it! I love it!
Undercover Uniqlo

Uniqlo unfortunately doesn't have shops in the Netherlands, but of course they do have an online shop. As a matter of fact, a lot of shops, especially in Asian countries. Please click on the link above to check for yourself, because after hours (!) of browsing the internet, I only seem to be able to buy the shirt in Taiwan, of all places! For a short moment it was fun to see how far I would get with the order without understanding the script, but filling in my personal information ended up being the bottleneck...

I guess I will have to keep visiting Le Dans La if I want to enjoy this nice Disney design.

13 June 2012

black & white II

Hektik Boutique

I guess I love animals?

black & white I

Wee See

A must see for babies: Wee See! Both my boys have loved the black and white graphics flowing from one in the other. Beautiful soundtrack too!

12 June 2012

animal tail

Please visit Colette Bream's Etsy shop, because this is just one of her many lovely products.

in my shopping bag

For my youngest.

For my eldest.

And before checking out, I'll throw these in too.

Mini Rodini is the best!

09 June 2012


My eldest recently celebrated his third birthday and got this from his aunt.


Constructing and deconstructing, he can create al these different cars.
It's perfect!



It may not be as cool as the one in the previous post, but still: this is one rad bike!

07 June 2012

on the wall

William Eggleston

The best photographer of the 21st century, I think.

cute cups

West Elm

I found these on Pinterest last year. Apparently you could buy them at West Elm.

The bad news is that I can't find them on their site.

The good news is that West Elm finally decided to ship outside the US!

02 June 2012