29 August 2014

27 August 2014

the real deal

This is really happening... I am really going to launch a baby/kids wear label! It still feels unreal, but in a couple of weeks I will have my full collection in house, and the photo shoot is being planned as we speak. Hopefully not much longer I will have to keep you waiting for something real.

In the meantime though: an updated blog design and some sneak peek snap shots from the collection

25 August 2014

22 August 2014



18 August 2014


A new find on Etsy: Eleventy-Five (perfect name!)


15 August 2014

13 August 2014

hug mug

I want this!

11 August 2014


How wonderful is this design? Thanks Faiblessed for pinning this :)

Walkee-Bike by William B. Fageol

08 August 2014



06 August 2014


Around this time last year we went on a 10 week family trip to Australia. We loved it there! One of our favorite places we visited was Byron Bay, such a relaxed vibe. You can imagine when I discovered BandiKoot from Byron Bay.

That pink beanie!

04 August 2014


I'm quite smitten with these cuddly toys by Debesy on Etsy

01 August 2014