31 August 2012

enjoy your weekend

via Old Ads and Mags!


The designer duo Jonna x Kangan makes the most beautifully colored and patterned pillows, and more. You can buy their products at the also inspirational webstore Supermarket Sarah. It's a delight to browse through her styled 'walls'.

30 August 2012

millergoodman art

I'm falling in love with this married couple. Look what they've made for Milan design week

little boat

Petit Bateau is great for basics. And PB and I have two things in common: we love stripes and we love a good yellow. Here are some of my favourites for this fall/winter

And they have shoes too!

29 August 2012

finally... gro!

It took a while before the Gro aw12 lookbook went online, but here it is. Finally!

face maker

Remember when I put this on top of my wishlist? I can add another item to it

FaceMaker by millergoodman

28 August 2012

yellow daycare

Our daycare is located in an old elementary school building in the centre of Haarlem. It definitely has it's charm, but have a look at this Swedish daycare

Tellus Nursery by Tham & Videgard Arkitekter

'The organic layout encourages movement as space becomes continuous and creates both exterior and interior rooms of challenging shapes. Windows are freely placed at different heights and allow for light and views to be adapted also to the scale of children, which further the relation between the interior and the exterior play ground and the wooded hill.'

I wouldn't mind my kids going there.

playing with design

When I was in high school I thought I was so cool with my Alessi key hanger (I doubt my class mates even had the faintest idea who Alessi was, but okay...). Totally forgot about that little man, until last week. I was checking Riazzoli's blog and saw this

Alessi Progiotti

How much fun is that: making Alessi cookies! Of course, those cookies should be served on a proper Alessi plate, but for now the cookie forms will do...

27 August 2012

thumbs up!


Another great photograph by David Handley.

baby angel

Those Korean/Taiwan websites drive me crazy, not only because I can't read anything...
But sometimes there are some real finds out there


Baby Angel

26 August 2012

25 August 2012

ja kwak zeg

Another book tip. At the moment we love reading Wie is er hier het dapperst by L. Pauli. It's about a mouse, snail, frog and sparrow who play a game of truth or dare, but than only the dare part. For example, the mouse has to swim under water and the snail has to leave it's house.

It has beautiful drawings, but the best part is that after every daring act, the animals clap there paws, feelers, fins and wings... and so do we... to the best of our abilities!

24 August 2012

have a lovely weekend

the real Winnie the Pooh, 1920s


Most people probably think leggings are just for girls and women, but I think they are a perfect piece of clothing for little boys as well. They're comfortable and flexible. thief & BANDIT make the best

23 August 2012

theme of the day

And I will gladly take this pillow with me on the plane
handmadelove by Dawn from Melbourne, Australia

I want to go down under

Sigh... summer collections! If I was living in Australia, I would now be checking all the summer stuff. Like the really nice stuff from Sudo

I especially like this Cherokee tee

Oh... and did I already mention I want to go to Australia? Like... now?

22 August 2012

block coloring

Tsumiki Chalk Building Blocks


Oh... and they like trains too

my boys at Haarlem train station

21 August 2012

lucky boy sunday

Lucky Boy Sunday via Hello Kiddo

This just made my (Tues)day!


My youngest started walking recently, hurray! And now I'm in need of shoes. Shoes that are flexible and comfortable, but also support and protect. And of course, it would be nice if they were good looking. And that, once again, seems to be my problem. Shoes are boring!

My eldest has worn Bisgaard

and Camper

These are nice, but they could be more fun and playful. Maybe I'm more of a sneaker type? Soft and colorful? Puma and Adidas have great sneakers for boys and let's not forget Feiyue. But not for starting walkers.

This fall I'll probably get these ones, but I need some shoes for now. I don't seem to get any further than the Dutch Shoes Me

In other words: I could use some inspiration in the shoes department.