29 November 2013

28 November 2013

boys and their tees

all tees pinned on my boys' apparel board

25 November 2013


Oh, we've gotta love Etsy. Aren't these the best dolls by Mimi Kirchner ever?

19 November 2013

what's going on

Oh hi... I'm still here. I know I've been a bit absent on this blog lately. I promised to be back after our travels, but you know what, something came up. One of the things that have been keeping me busy (or tired mostly) is this little addition to our family

I'm not that far along, so still tired etcetc, but hopefully for not much longer. Let the happy second trimester begin!

15 November 2013



13 November 2013

orphan socks - shop alert

ORPHAN SOCKS is Amsterdam based, they collect and sell the unique and personal.
ORPHAN SOCKS stands for exceptional ordinariness for simple design with a certain degree of cool elegance.
ORPHAN SOCKS sells a balanced blend of modest and accessible design where craftsmanship and small brands are more important than transient trends and established names.
In the meanwhile they love big city urban life but can also smile about small domestic phenomena like that one sock piece in your laundry ...

11 November 2013

little creative factory

It seems like all the creative juices flow in Barcelona these days. Another beautiful brand called Little Creative Factory does a good job in designing timeless kids' clothing


07 November 2013

caroline bosmans giveaway

One of my favourite designers Caroline Bosmans is hosting a giveaway on her Instagram account. Go check it out and follow this gifted lady!

05 November 2013

aaand weee're... back

We arrived back home already over a week ago, but adjusting has taken it's time, more time than planned ;) My apologies for the gap in posts.

I'm still not my normal self and there are a lot of plans in the works, of which I will hopefully inform you soon. For now some recent Pinterest favourites