31 December 2012

30 December 2012

maromeria II

There's more to Maromeria than nice kids' jumpsuits. Have look at these furniture items

This is my favourite design: the Rip + Tatter chair. 'This handmade chair is sculpted by hammering out industrial cardboard; it's one of the latest works by NYC based designer, Pete Oyler. Incredibly lightweight and durable this chair is 100% recyclable and full of energy' (ha!).


29 December 2012


This brand wins it in terms of the most original display of their apparel. Look at this!

Remember when I was talking about jumpsuits for boys? Again, these items are modeled by a girl, but to me they are perfect for boys too. What do you think?

The nice thing about these linen jumpsuits by Maromeria is that you can choose it's colour. It will be custom dyed 'especially for you'. Lovely colours.


28 December 2012

the hut

One of the favourite pastimes of my eldest is building huts... he can enjoy this for hours and hours. If we let him, he gets everything out of the closets, rooms to perfect his little nook... His brother has no problem at all adjusting to this new setting

27 December 2012

cmig from sweden

Such nice illustrations... a fantasy world in which I'd love to wonder around


24 December 2012

happy days!


23 December 2012

shop alert II: anoukb

AnoukB is a Dutch stylist (yay Haarlem!) and she recently started her own webshop. So many nice items, for kids too. These are my favourites... have to get this tee before it's sold

22 December 2012

shop alert: sparkle & spin

Sparkle & Spin sell the usual suspects... and give those kids' apparel brands a good twist by combining them into attractive looks

21 December 2012

20 December 2012


I found these adorable little ghosts on Miss Moss' blog. Art is fun, I say!

ceramic Ghosts by Anders Arhøj & Louise Gaarmann

Based on the ideas of the Japanese Shinto religion believing that everything in nature has a soul - a mountain rock, a plant, a pebble on the beach - Anders Arhøj & Louise Gaarmann designed a wide range of ceramic figures and blew life into them.

The small Ghosts inhabit your living space and are useful for many things - paper weights, door stoppers, toys, wedding ring holders, kitchen talismans or as company on a lonely night with no friends around to talk to.

Oh, and they are sold (among other places) at the Louisiana Museum, Denmark.

19 December 2012


Maison Margiela via

Ok, it's no kids tee... but nevertheless: I like the printing on this shirt, especially the off-centerness of it. Styling on the white sheet is great too.

18 December 2012

17 December 2012


I don't remember where I saw the black and white shirt at the end of this post, but I knew I had to find out where to get it. Appears it's from a Finnish warehouse called Seppälä. They have some nice items, many with Scandinavian inspired designs (and not unimportant: for very reasonable prices). It looks like it though that people not from the region cannot buy there. It's a shame... shameshame...

15 December 2012


Oh... I like this sweater... hi everyone!
Hi via Hello Merch

And this one is for papa
Papa via Hello Merch

14 December 2012

13 December 2012


Funky and fresh new brand called Munkstown. I like their style a lot!