28 March 2013

new sneakers

I ended up getting these supadupa cool sneakers for my boys. What do you think?

27 March 2013

sukha x toto knits =

a definite buy!

Last weekend I was in Amsterdam and lucky enough to visit the wonderful shopping walhalla of Sukha.

Guess what, they sell knitted sweaters by Toto knits... what a coincedence! I bought this sweater for my eldest

26 March 2013

you are my wild

I found a beautiful blog: You are my wild. It's a weekly portrait project that brings together 14 photographers to document how they see their children. I love their perspective.

25 March 2013

my pins

I'm a little bit busy right now, so not a lot of time to browse the internet for nice finds, thoughts etc. I keep pinning though (love the app!), so here is a selection of boys' apparel I put on my board recently.

21 March 2013

mini & maximus is back!

And their SS13 collection is WOW! MiMa definitely has color masters, I love their choice of teints. The prints are cool, the design is fresh and take a look at those linen throw blankets. I want one (or two)... I can sure see ourselves on the beaches of Queensland with them!

(Oh yeah... and I'm infatuated with this little boy here above, ├╝bercoolness!)

via Orange Mayonaisse

20 March 2013

coos & ahhs x toto knits =



I'm a long time fan of Toto knits... our monkey hoodie is enjoying it's second life now with my youngest. It's comfortable wear, with such sweet and funny designs. And the collaboration with Coos & Ahhs is a perfect blend. I love it!

18 March 2013

boys to men - march

I was browsing Zara online and ended up at the men's section. Boy, there are some nice items over there. I think I'll shop at the men's department this season. Take a look at my favourites

16 March 2013

stunt man


15 March 2013

14 March 2013

can't wait!

Great photos from the National Geographic archives:

'FOUND is a curated collection of photography from the National Geographic archives. In honor of our 125th anniversary, we are showcasing photographs that reveal cultures and moments of the past. Many of these photos have never been published and are rarely seen by the public.
We hope to bring new life to these images by sharing them with audiences far and wide. Their beauty has been lost to the outside world for years and many of the images are missing their original date or location.
This is just the beginning of a great adventure. We will be adding new voices, stories, and artifacts as we go. We look forward to sharing this experience with everyone, and hope you make FOUND your home for inspiration and wonder.´

via Miss Moss

13 March 2013

slouch pants

Maybe I should call my blog slouchpantsandotherstuff...

12 March 2013


A lovely boutique in Auckland, New Zealand... Peppin!