30 May 2013

29 May 2013


I'm in love with this underwear from Tootsa MacGinty

More fun from Tootsa

28 May 2013

old stuff

At the moment I'm really busy doing lots of stuff in my other life (among which the renovation of our home), so unfortunately not much time left to spend here. Therefore, some pictures from last week, when we were lucky to spend the only sunny hour of that week on the beach!

23 May 2013

ettel bettel

A sweet little kids wear and mom gear line from Tel Aviv, Israel: Ettel Bettel.          

Ettel Bettel is the game 'cat's cradle' in Yiddish. This name is significant because this game is the way we like to create - with simplicity, variety and endless imagination.'


21 May 2013

new lötie

Oh Lötie Kids, you do a good job in creating dessins and colors. This looks nice (especially the kangaroo ;-)

19 May 2013



Goatmilk NYC, a small organic underwear label, creates the softest garments.
And... be quick to visit Coos & Ahhs to enter the Goatmilk giveaway of $100.

have a nice Pentecost


15 May 2013

my first cashmere helicopter

Oh dear...
The selling price of this little gem is just 550. Can you believe that?
But, hey... it does look good.

14 May 2013

ami amie

Here is something else, something quirky: ecolabel Ami Amie from Japan!

If I had a girl...
And some fun outfits from previous collections 

13 May 2013

style envy

At the moment our home is a mess, we're renovating (again). Hopefully in a month or so I can show you the final result. For now, some inspiration... this place has been al over the blogosphere by now, but I couldn't not show it too. I love Aurelie Lecuyer (from ledansla) her style.

10 May 2013

enjoy your weekend

I'm kind of feverish and my computer won't connect to internet, but that doesn't stop me from wishing you all a wonderful weekend! Hope to be back on Monday.

08 May 2013


Oh my, did I stumble upon a great site: Playscapes! A site completely dedicated to cool playgrounds. And they're looking for worldwide correspondents... I could keep looking at this site.