28 October 2013

backpack + hoodie

This is so well thought about! A backpack with a hoodie for kids. The material, called burel, is highly resistant and durable.
Burel Kids Backpack by Sarah Lamurias

25 October 2013


Sukha via

P.S. home sweet home

23 October 2013

kurt naef

Kurt Naef created the disk game in the 1970s as a way to teach young children coordination skills and size differences. The 4th generation family firm Juho Jussila produces Jukka toys. In 1923 they got their start by manufacturing everyday wooden items such as ladders and electrical plates. In 1926 they made their first game, Fortuna, and have been producing top-notch toys ever since.

Add some rope and my eldest will be happy for hours!

P.S. We're boarding our flight home as I write this. Hope to be blogging again soon!

18 October 2013

16 October 2013

14 October 2013


When in Oz, wear Blundstones


11 October 2013



09 October 2013

kids case aw13

Such a beautiful lookbook


07 October 2013

metaproject 03

my favourite

Such a cool project:

'Metaproject, the student challenge created by designer and Rochester Institute of Technology professor Josh Owen, is back again for another round. This year, Owen partnered up with hip New York-based company Areaware to present the students with the challenge of working primarily with wood and creating contemporary wooden toys geared toward adults.

Throughout the semester, students researched wood and examples of culturally specific historical and contemporary toys to define the meaning of Universal Toy. Then, each student developed his or her own toy, and one was chosen by Areaware to possibly be manufactured and sold by them.'
the winner

04 October 2013

02 October 2013


Such a fun brand Blabla kids