30 September 2013

mini rodini aw13

I'm not too much into the patterns of this collection, but Mini Rodini's basics are always perfect!

25 September 2013


I'm all for combining design with practicality (form with function ;)
Here's a good example, found on Bloesem Kids

Swoop Mini

23 September 2013


I think I've featured this brand before, but I rediscovered this tee on Pinterest

Looking at the lookbook you would think it's girls wear, but many items are definitely wearable for boys too... in my humble opinion they are

20 September 2013


Jeannie Mills Pwerl

oz update

We still love it here! 

I hope you enjoy the posts I'm putting up while away. From the end of October, I'll be back to my usual routine. 

18 September 2013

new sneakers, new balance

So... when we get back home end of October, my boys will be needing new shoes to defy the cold (not particularly looking forward to that). And although up until now I find the Adidas sneakers the most comfortable, New Balance does it again with a perfect hued fall sneaker. What do you think?

13 September 2013



11 September 2013


I fell in love with this monkey print.
Argh... I think I've collected over 10 kids' blankets over the years... which we don't use at.all. But if I were to buy another blanket, this one is it!
Minifellow found via coohs & ahhs and minor de:tales

09 September 2013

06 September 2013



04 September 2013

kids rooms

Here's another selection of kids rooms I've pinned over the last couple of months. Enjoy!

02 September 2013