31 October 2012

kids studio

Do you know the Studio collection of Zara? It's kind of the same as COS is to H&M: more minimalistic, stylistic clothing. I like it a lot. Now... Zara introduces Kids Studio.

My picks

mouse house

Recently someone drew my attention to het muizenhuis. Dutch children's book writer Karina Schaapman made a huge mouse house, almost 2 metres wide and 3 metres high! It is divided in more than one hundred rooms, from the usual bed and bath rooms to a bakery and even a brewery.

The protagonists of Schaapman's books are Julia and Sam, two little mice that have all sorts of adventures in their mouse house, or better said: mouse town. Schaapman stages scenes with the mice in the different rooms and photographs them to illustrate the story. The detail is incredible.

Het muizenhuis grew organically over time, room by room. After a while the house became too big to keep in her own home, so Schaapman donated the house to the Amsterdam Public Library (Openbare Bibliotheek Amsterdam - OBA). Now everybody can enjoy this masterpiece!

Even my two boys!

30 October 2012

byron the bear

by Violetpie via Etsy

That face! Already sold unfortunately...

april showers

Browsing through the aisles of webshop Sweet William, I found these items by April Showers. Nice.

29 October 2012

whistling rooster

Disney's Robin Hood - Whistle Stop
found at the Tumblr (Sept12) of Lisa Moir: bungalow in the burrough

lisa moir styling

Lisa Moir, a fashion stylist from San Francisco, is 'a free spirited but well organized, well travelled girl who designs, sews and creates, is an outdoor enthusiast, obsessed with street style, loves snapping photos with a vintage polaroid camera, equally loves Jane Birkin, Francoise Hardy and Johnny Cash'.

I guess that (+ the fact that she creates beautiful images of children in great outfits) says it all.


28 October 2012

enter winter

Okay, so we're skipping fall here altogether, it is 5 degrees Celsius this weekend! But: beautiful weather, so yesterday we headed to the Kennemerduinen, between Haarlem and the sea.

Thankfully H&M delivered my son's winter coat just in time. I love this coat (even though it's only a little bit too big... good thing I quite like oversized)...

especially this detail at the back

My eldest wears a coat, hat and socks (H&M), jeans (Zara) & sneakers (Adidas).
My youngest wears a coat (Benetton), hat and jeans (H&M) & sneakers (Shoes me).

26 October 2012

have a fun weekend!

via bebestilo


I love thrift shops. Most of the stuff they sell is junk, but once in a while there are real 'juweeltjes' (little juwels) to be found. A couple of weeks ago I saw this tricycle tucked away in a corner. Wow! I love everything about it: the wood, the colors, the design, the wheels and last but not least: the turn indicator.

Most importantly, my son's wishbone bike has gotten some serious competition!

25 October 2012

Imps & Elfs

The Dutch brand Imps & Elfs is a fixture at the children's department of every Dutch apparel store. And rightfully so, they make beautiful clothes. I must say more for girls than for boys... but oh...

Those hues!

thomas the plane

It's not my show, Thomas the Train, but it somehow appeals to my boys.

This video though is so cool: The story of a father sending his son’s favorite train car into the stratosphere.

via Swiss Miss

24 October 2012

crochet playground

How cool is this? Í want to play there!

Via Handmade Charlotte
'Lots of peo­ple cro­chet, but how many do you know that order yarn by the ton? Such is the case for Toshiko Hori­uchi MacAdam, the artist behind the stun­ning Rain­bow Net play­ground at the Hakone Sculp­ture Park in Japan. The idea for the cro­chet playscape actu­ally hap­pened by acci­dent, after Toshiko observed two chil­dren inter­act­ing with a cro­chet art instal­la­tion she had on exhibit.'


I haven't got a clue on how I arrived upon the site of Amabro... but boy, do they sell nice tees!