30 November 2012

warm weekend


kids' rooms - 1

I think I like Pinterest best in the field of interior styling and architecture. Here is a selection of the kids' rooms I've been pinning these last weeks. More tomorrow!

29 November 2012

bespoke anthropomorphic dolls

My eldest wants to go to Australia in a submarine. Maybe Gudrun can join him

Perhaps one of the greatest dolls I've ever seen! Julie de Gruchy East makes them:
'My work is inspired by incidents I have experienced upon little journeys. People I have met/seen. I have a thing about Northern Lights, odd characters, and icebergs.'

I love the funny details...

27 November 2012

oh my kids

From one of my favourite cities in Belgium, Ghent, comes this small collection Oh My Kids. Cute!

Emilie Vercruysse is responsible for the photography. What a talent she is.

26 November 2012

fanny & alexander

A feast for the eyes! Take a look at Fanny & Alexander's displays. I really like how they show their products, reminds me of Supermarket Sarah... but then different, of course. The products themselves are really nice, but I like their illustrations best.




25 November 2012


Hah! More fun in kids' winter wonderland!


24 November 2012

Sinterklaas series - done

After seeing these alternative toys on Rafa Kids blog

Amazing art project by pracownia k.: sticks, stones & rope. All a kid really needs!

'The project aims to draw attention to the absurd situation in which we find ourselves on the threshold of the twenty-first century. Bombarded by advertising to buy yet another toy, decorated with slogans promising 'educational', 'creative', 'organic' and recently fashionable 'innovative'. We forget that childrens have the greatest pleasure in playing with simple things, which are part of our adult world and which children are watching with great interest. Have rope, stone and stick a chance to get back in the kids room? Will it only happen when we find it on shelf in a shop? And a sufficiently high price will convince us about their values, attractiveness and influence on the development of creativity in children?'

This makes me feel guilty...

23 November 2012

have a creative weekend

via Pinterest


Every mother probably thinks her child makes the most beautiful art work, but I happen to think mine really does!

This was his lantern he made for Sint Maarten.

22 November 2012

jeremy scott's leopard

Okay, I apparently missed a lot in fashion land. Jeremy Scott ring any bells? With me he didn't, but today I saw the most fun + cute sneakers on a little boy in the train on my way home. So I had to google.

I would normally never consider anything with a leopard print and maybe to some these sneakers are still bordering on tacky, but they looked perfectly cool + adorable on that little boy in the train.

And again: Adidas!

21 November 2012

socks by oysho

Oeh, I like these. I think they are for adults (looking at the model's legs), but nevertheless... they are so much fun! I like how the designers stepped out of their sock-design-box to create ears, tongues, rain clouds even!

20 November 2012


I've seen these sweaters on Pinterest and on blogs, and I kept thinking: are they too chunky for my taste? Won't they itch?

But in the end my curiosity won and I went to the website of Babaà. I'm in!

Good argument: 'Our designs are oversized and loose fitting for extra comfort and leave room for growing children.'

And: 'A big part of our project is sourcing local providers and supporting the local textile industry. Our wool from the North of Spain is compiled, processed, and dyed by Spanish artisans and our knitwear is exclusively made in a workshop in Barcelona.'

19 November 2012

winterwear - Sinterklaas series no.3

Today Sinterklaas gifts in the category Winterwear. Sweet William has some nice mittens and slippers. I sure hope Sinterklaas reads my blog!
Oeuf NYC

Mini Rodini

Oeuf NYC

Oh... and when he places his order, maybe he can throw this sweater in his cart too. I'll pay him back. I will.

17 November 2012


Blue denim... oh how I love you so!

16 November 2012

enjoy your weekend


ESP no.1 x P.A.M.

Ideologies shared between P.A.M. and ESP No.1 over the years inevitably gave birth to a project that employs the creativity of all four individuals, P.A.M. for ESP No.1. The untamed nature of this project shines through in all aspects; the mix-and-match use of fabrics, the ambitious use of color, the absurdist print and pattern.