27 March 2015



25 March 2015

the little vikings

1,5 years ago we made the trip of a lifetime, traveling through beautiful Australia with our two eldest boys. While there we had the unique opportunity to meet with the talented and inspiring Paulie, who had just started producing the Pray for Trax necklace:

'The Pray4Trax necklace is handmade in Australia. – It was designed and constructed in 2013 by four-year-old Tysi and his mum to help support the medical treatments of Trax, a beautiful one-year-old boy diagnosed with cystic fibrosis soon after his birth. From local limited sales the necklace has caught international attention and is a well-known symbol of spreading awareness about CF and how a simple gesture of kindness can help a family in need. Thank you for supporting.'

We are proud owners of two beautiful necklaces, which are played with often! Because the necklaces are still handmade by the family, stock is low while demand is very high. Just check their site regularly and follow Paulie on Instagram, where she will post the landings of new stock. Also available in more and more shops around the globe.

And mama necklaces too!

23 March 2015


Finch + Agnes' the new collection will be arriving soon. And good news: the denim overall will be back! Going up to size 98-104 this time! We are accepting preorders from now on, so if you would like to order an overall, please shoot us an email at order@finchandagnes.com with your preferred size.

20 March 2015



18 March 2015

the bunny ears

I know, it's too late in the year, but look at this! The cutest bunny hat, can't stop looking :) Almost makes me wish for a longer winter. Almost.

Two of Wands

06 March 2015

04 March 2015

02 March 2015

finch + agnes + kids spaces

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