20 November 2012


I've seen these sweaters on Pinterest and on blogs, and I kept thinking: are they too chunky for my taste? Won't they itch?

But in the end my curiosity won and I went to the website of Babaà. I'm in!

Good argument: 'Our designs are oversized and loose fitting for extra comfort and leave room for growing children.'

And: 'A big part of our project is sourcing local providers and supporting the local textile industry. Our wool from the North of Spain is compiled, processed, and dyed by Spanish artisans and our knitwear is exclusively made in a workshop in Barcelona.'


  1. hello! thank you so much for your post
    our sweaters don´t each indeed, the alpaca and organic wool mixture is such a dream to wear, so warm and soft and the eco wool ones are so warm and cozy, they get better with time. It makes a big difference to wear natural yarns, try them! thank you so much for your words. regards. marta

  2. they are soooo cute. i love when great clothes are supporting local cultures and people as opposed to big factories!

  3. Hello Bregje
    thank you for your post and words
    really our knitwear is soft, specially the alpaca and organic wool mixture, a dream - I hope you try them for your boys someday. It makes a big difference to use just natural yarns, your kids will be so happy and warm! and the items last longer and get better with time.