31 May 2012


I think I like this hoodie.

David Melling


This David Melling guy makes some pretty darn good sketches on his blog.

more books

David Melling

'Net als mijn papa'

Jon Klassen

'Ik wil mijn hoed terug'

Miep Diekmann

'Ik zie je wel, ik hoor je wel'

27 May 2012

Alain Gree

Retro at it's finest:

Books from Alain Grée. Books about cities, rivers, transportation, sports, outer space.

It's a shame they're so difficult to find.

26 May 2012


This one...

or good old Birkenstocks?

Although I like the brand Saltwater Sandals, I must say it's mostly sandals for girls that I think are nice. So Birkenstock it is, as always!

24 May 2012



on my wish list

a sun / fun filled day

Thank you, Danefae.

can I wear this?


Or is that a bit over the top? Especially since my eldest also wears

Toto Knits

Oh... and Asos: please pretty please, give Little Asos a second chance!

the mobiles in my home


in the room of my eldest

Ferm Living

in the room of my youngest



Mini Kanken


Mini Rodini

my favourite

Petit Bateau

the classic

classic design + sporty fabric



23 May 2012

quest for boys' apparel

Why is it so difficult for apparel designers to design something different for boys? Almost every collection you see (brands, seasons), is built up around letters, numbers, skulls and dark colors. This blog is an attempt to find something else for (my) boys, something more original and nice to look at.