31 October 2014

29 October 2014

'cause I'm happy!

Days have passed and no word on this blog. I've been busy, amongst other things with creating a little discount for you :) Come and have look at www.finchandagnes.com!

22 October 2014


Bobo Choses and Tiny Cottons have some really good beanies this AW collection (not that I'm remotely close to being ready for winter time, but hey... who's listening to me ;)

20 October 2014

17 October 2014

13 October 2014

vintage africa

Already a while ago here in Haarlem there was an exposition called Vintage Africa, by Sander Stoepker. Stoepker photographed Africans wearing second hand clothes. These portraits really show a lot of creativity and allure. I can keep looking forever.

10 October 2014

08 October 2014

somewhere beyond the sea

My second (middlest? no-longer-youngest?) son still loves everything concerning the sea, especially whales. So I keep pinning the cutest stuffed sea animals. This whale... perfection!

06 October 2014

sneak peek!

We have had the photoshoot for Finch + Agnes and I am beyond happy with the results! It was such a relaxed day: perfect, happy, funny, photogenic kids + a great photographers duo [go check them out: www.keeandkee.com]. What more can one ask for? See for yourselves


03 October 2014

01 October 2014