30 September 2012

tootsa macginty

After posting my blogpost yesterday, I kept browsing and found out the cardigan sold at Burp! is from the brand Tootsa MacGinty. What fun clothes they make! Mostly unisex, I might add.

I like this

and this


29 September 2012


shop alert! burp!

28 September 2012

have an interesting weekend

via Bloesem kids, March 29th 2012

Keep looking... just KEEP looking!

H&M and Unicef 2012

Last year I bought this sweater for my eldest at H&M (yes, I did). It's from the All for Children collection, by H&M and Unicef.

I didn't know this was a yearly event, but now I keep stumbling upon snippets of the new collection 2012. And I like it, especially the fantasy atmosphere.

And this is our new 2012 winter sweater

27 September 2012

the juniors

Witness the power of clothing in these photos, shot by Lee Towndrow

Everyday is like Sunday

recent pinterest finds

on my Pinterest board

26 September 2012

he does it too!

via US Weekly

Levi must have watched Vida getting dressed, because he too mixes those socks!
These two definitely are the coolest kids in town.

flamingos and dominoes

Nice prints by this Caribbean inspired brand Flamingos and Dominoes

25 September 2012


Do you know the brand Areaware? They make fun and well designed kids stuff like these cubebots


Areaware is a New York City based producer of everyday objects that are both functional and unusual. Our goals are to create thoughtful products that inspire an emotional response and to explore design languages as a means of creating new syncretic forms. We like to think we have a good sense of humor and that our objects are poetic. We wish to create a forum for young and local talent and together, we hope to become a strong voice for American design. We believe that appreciation for beauty is central to what it means to be alive and want to embody this principle in even the simplest things.

french winter

They did it again! A very nice winter collection by Emile et Ida

24 September 2012

23 September 2012


I can't help myself: I love wooden toys!

Buchi via Spoon & Tamago

22 September 2012

kids' rooms

I love interior decorating. As said before, we just moved to a new home, and although it has been hard work, I've enjoyed decorating it very much. The kids' rooms we had to do first, but we'll probably redo in some time. So there's a lot to fantasize still. I found a couple of kids' rooms on Jennifer Hagler's pinterest that are inspiring to me
colors + texture (+ the playing house of course)

space! + cool cupboard + outdoors

built in shelf + design beds


unrealistically white + cozy

minimalistic + colors + retro

21 September 2012

have fun this weekend!

temporary tattoo parlor

cache - cache

“… Oh, the delicious thrill of hiding while the others come looking for you… what panic when, after a long search, the others abandon you! You mustn't hide too well. You mustn't be too good at the game…".

- Jean Baudrillard

Hide-and-seekers seek thrills in photographer Tiago Molino’s boundary-crossing series for Kid-In.

20 September 2012

color bowling

wooden bowling set


Oh dear, Baobab starts it's site with 'Hello summer'! Deep breath... so here goes, their summer collection


19 September 2012

hangin' there

We bought a house (wow, almost a year ago we got the key... I just realize this now while writing this). The entrance is the last part of the house that needs to be worked on. We already have hooks for our coats, but the boys should have their own hooks, I think. Since I don't want to make more holes in the wall than necessary, I was already thinking about a system of metal chains with S hooks hanging from our top hooks. Pfff... too many words.

Long story short: I like this better!
Hooky via Les enfants du design

The hook is designed by Belgian duo Anne Masson and Eric Chevalier. They also made this.