04 October 2012


A new brand from one of my favourite cities, Barcelona: Lötie. It's a small collection built around a few nice patterns and basic designs. Looks perfect to me!

And Lötie will wrap their precious goods beautifully too

It's nice that they show this on their site. Makes it just a little bit more special! Good job.


  1. Hi Bregje!
    We have just find out your post as a friend who also blogs at http://petitspetitstresors.tumblr.com/ told us about it..
    Thanks a lot for your nice post, we are happy to hear these words!

    1. Dear David,
      Thank you, for creating such a nice brand and for replying to my post. I meant all of it. I hope your venture will be a success!
      Best, Bregje

  2. I am completely in love with Lötie !!! It´s great to find fresh ideas, great quality and style in all their products..!
    I descover them trough Pinterest..:!! Their pins are wonderful.
    Great job!!!

    Laia Sanz