10 October 2012

duck props on a farm in south africa

Series of a children’s' fashion story for a magazine taken in South Africa on a farm with native children.

Comment from photographer David Handley
''A children’s fashion magazine commissioned me to photograph a fashion story to be shot in South Africa. They handed me a suitcase of colourful clothes and, after not too much persuasion, off I went.
The brief was simple: to photograph the story using local kids on an African farm or within a similar environment. The location was easily found and a single day of casting gave us the models. A friend/stylist deciphered the suitcase of clothes, adding some of her own touches to the collection and bringing along the more unusual props like ducks and wings. Most of the children were from local townships and, although poor, were incredibly polite and an absolute joy to be around.
When working with children you always have to adapt, improvise and make it enjoyable for them. The shoot day was a mixture of frustration and fun but was ultimately rewarding. The ‘fun’ element can be seen in the girl jumping, while the boy was determined not to smile or comply – hence the ‘frustrating’ element.''

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