25 February 2015

Farna Fraternitatis

b e a u t i f u l!

Go check the video on the Kid-In site!

'Kid-In is pleased to premiere Fama Fraternitatis, a new short from director Alan Bibby, marking the second installment of Kid-In film.
The director arrives at his heady take on our innate destructive drives through some conversely visceral, gently powerful imagery from fine artist Shinichi Maruyama – known for his stunning high-speed photography and exacting slow-motion films.
Captured on a Phantom at 1600 frames per second, with an equally lingering musical interpretation from the album ‘lambarena’, the short captures a play-by-play of the emotive array of its subjects; kids caught up in a game of both destruction and creation.
“I’ve always been fascinated by the joy children take in transforming an object from whole to pieces,” says Bibby, who equates this with a cathartic kind of alchemy, “it goes beyond malicious to the metaphysical.” '

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