05 February 2013



I'm quite fond of this chambray bomber. I ran into it the other day in Dutch warehouse HEMA*. I guess I'm at the HEMA approximately once a week, but I don't often buy clothes there. This one though... I really like the design: my kinds of fabric, a cool model. My heart made little jumps up and down...

My eldest loves it too. This is him wearing his jacket while traveling in his car to 'Aflica' and reading the Lonely Planet. Hmmm... where would he get that idea from?

* Of course it's girl's wear, as most great items are. But hey, who cares?

P.S. You can compare HEMA to Muji... okay: way less hip, but maybe consider HEMA as Muji's little nephew. I'm sure every household in the Netherlands owns one or more items by HEMA. There's even a book called: 'Ik mis alleen de HEMA' (I only miss the HEMA) for expats and emigrants. It's such a shame HEMA doesn't ship abroad. If you like I can ship the bomber for you ;)


  1. he is too cute!! neat jacket as well :)

  2. i'd love to have a cute bomber like that :)

    1. It comes in sizes 86 till 140 (cm)... which size would you be needing? :)