09 December 2012

diepzeedokter diederik

Yesterday Sinterklaas payed us a visit... which means he left 2 (!) bags full of presents at our doorstep. My eldest went through the roof with exitement. We even had to build in a little 'zen' moment, otherwise he wouldn't have stopped unpacking... so funny!

My boys got all sorts of fun presents, mostly cars, trains and puzzles. They also got this book

I did tell you about my eldest's plans to go to Australia by submarine, did I? So... how did Sinterklaas know? Hmmm...

It's a fun story about a doctor (Diederik) who goes deep sea in a submarine to help fish in need. A sea horse that can't see, a shark with an aching tooth. The illustrations are sooo good. Publisher Clavis definitely has a good eye when it comes to illustrators!

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