06 September 2012

waddler is cute

Welcome to the world of Waddler

'Our son spent his first years picking avocadoes in a tropical garden, riding bareback with gauchos and dining on the Andean speciality: roast guinea pig. He saw the forests come alive with Ceibo blossom in the winter, watched fireflies light up his bedroom in spring and clapped his hands at alligators lazing in the hot summer sun. Our clothes are inspired by the magic of this life.

Our clothes are handmade in Bolivia by women using skills passed down over countless generations. For many families this work provides their only source of income. At Waddler we believe that work of quality deserves a good wage and decent working conditions. To guarantee this to our customers, Waddler clothes are produced to official Fair Trade standards. The Waddler knitters work in their own homes to their own hours allowing them to balance the demands of work and family. Though many of them do prefer to get together for a good gossip!

Alpaca wool is a pure natural fibre that comes from the Alpaca, an animal native to the Andes Mountains in South America where it has been used to knit and weave for thousands of years. At Waddler all our clothes are produced from Baby Alpaca* whose long fibres are softer than sheep’s wool and being hypoallergenic mean they are gentle on children’s delicate skin. To allow Alpacas to withstand the sub-zero temperatures and blazing sun of the high Andes, their wool has to be both super warm and breathable. Baby Alpaca has both of these qualities with the added benefit of being lightweight.'

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